Wednesday, March 3, 2010

AGA to run FOST event in 2010

Australian Golf Academy and Palm Island Resort has achieved a cooperation agreement to run the one of the Future Olympic Star Tour event in 2010.

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GFTG, AGA and GoGolf China

Ron Burke and Get Fit to Golf have teamed up with Andrew Cartledge from the Australian Golf Academy, who is developing Golf Clinics throughout Asia and China in connection with GoGolf China and the FOST Junoir Golf Program including AGA in Malaysia


When any junior starts off on a golf program, it is important that they find the right teacher, golf academy, specific training programs and to be fitted for the right golf equipment. But equally important is to be physically assessed to see if they are fit to play golf. That doesn’t mean how fast they run, but if their posture and biomechanics stand up to the rigours of training. Golf is a one sided sport so if there are any physical weaknesses such as changes in posture, the result will be injuries and the development of swing faults that coaching won’t overcome.

The Get Fit to Golf program at can analyse a junior golfer's biomechanics online, pinpoint any underlying physical faults and weaknesses and help correct these faults through a tailor-made fitness program and ultimately improve the body and the golf swing and also minimise the risk of future injuries.

by Ron Burke DCDO chiropractor